Financial Planning Analysis

With our cloud-based financial planning platform, we want to give a new way to make the right decision quickly. Companies can envision a new way to run their business so they get best outcomes, consistently, across the organzation, in real time.

Connected Planning

Work with real-time data and insights from the outermost edges of your enterprise. Enhance your ability to plan, collaborate, and execute with agility across your organization with the same, accurate, updated information.

Continuous Forecasting and Scenario Planning

Model broad and varied scenarios to fuel your rolling forecasts, updated automatically with relevant, current information so your plans for tomorrow reflect what just happened today.

Intuitive capabilities of UX Dashboard

Get the critical, personalized information you need right when you need it the most. Update plans, visualize impacts, and make confident decisions with an intuitive user interface in multi-device accessibility from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Superior security capabilities

Robust protection keeps your data safe. Best-in-class security and compliance include BYOK, role-based access control, user management, SSO support with SAML 2.0 compliance, and data encryption at rest and in transit.